Go on the World Wide Web

Go Equipment and Books

Kiseido Go books and fine Go equipment from Japan

Yutopian Enterprises Go books, equipment, and software from China and Korea

Kuroki Goishi Japanese producer and supplier of fine Go stones, bowls, and boards shipped directly from Japan

Slate and Shell Go books only

Shogun's Gallery Antique and vintage Go boards, bowls, and stones Go boards

Woods Used in Japanese Go Bowls

Internet Go Servers

Internet Go Server (IGS) Play Go on-line with hundreds of users; IGS on Panda Net is the most popular interactive, real-time (non-turn-based) Go server on the Internet. Players' ranks are calculated and recorded as they play games against opponents.

Kiseido Go Server (KGS) An alternative, turn-based Go server that is popular and very friendly to beginner and intermediate players.

No Name Go Server (NNGS) An alternative interactive, real-time Go server that uses the same Go clients as IGS but has a different ranking system.

Dragon Go Server (DGS) A new and congenial turn-based Go server that is attracting many players.

Yahoo! Games - Go A good place for beginners to play Go; no rankings are calculated or recorded.

Internet Go Clients and Editors

Smart Game Format (SGF) Editors SGF editors/viewers are used within your web browser to view, create, and edit games saved in the SG Format (application/x-go-sgf); this makes possible the convenient transfer and viewing of games over the Net.

Download Go Server Clients and Go Editors You should use one of these Go clients to play Go on IGS, KGS, or NNGS; these specialized telnet Go clients allow you to easily make moves by pointing and clicking with the mouse, and produce a colorful display of black and white stones on a yellow board. This page also contains SGF Editor/Viewer downloads. All platforms represented.

Primary Go Software Applications

Individual Go Websites

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Go Clubs and Organizations

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