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The Cincinnatian is the name of the Upper Ordovician Series in the United States. This website will be a guide to the sedimentary rock strata and fossils of the Cincinnatian Series (primarily the Arnheim, Waynesville, Liberty, and Whitewater Formations of the Richmondian Stage) in the area around Cincinnati, Ohio, and Brookville, Indiana. These rocks are probably the most famous Upper Ordovician rocks in the world and rank among the most fossiliferous sedimentary rocks on the planet.

The fossil classification is now available. Perhaps someday the maps, stratigraphic diagrams, and photographic images of the fossils will be added over future months as time and resources permit.

Classification of Cincinnatian Fossils

Maps of the Cincinnati Arch Region

Stratigraphy of the Cincinnatian Series

Photographic Atlas of Cincinnatian Fossils

The Dry Dredgers - Cincinnati's Fossil Collecting Society (one of the US's oldest and largest)

Paleontology Websites and Links

Ohio Geological Survey

Kentucky Geological Survey

Kentucky Paleontological Society - Lexington, Kentucky's Fossil Collecting Society

Indiana Geological Survey

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