South Rim of the Chisos Mountains
Big Bend National Park

Backpack Camping Trip
August 17-19, 2007

Leader: Patrick Dearen
Pat's Backpacking Equipment Checklist (download as a Word doc)

Photos by Patrick Dearen
Photos by Steven Schafersman

The Few, the Strong, the Brave: PBOC South Rim Trip participants standing on the South Rim
Left to right: Steven Schafersman, Bill Bentley, Karen Stark, Read Johnston, Patrick Dearen (photo by Pat)

South Rim Trail, Chisos Mountains

View of the southernmost Chisos Mountains from the South Rim

Emory Peak (misspelled on photo below) is the highest peak in Big Bend National Park (7825')

Oblique satellite photo of the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains (trails in red; see better trail map below)

Video of Hike to the South Rim: Big Bend National Park

Shaded Area Relief Map of the Chisos Mountains and trail to the South Rim

South Rim Trails Map from the book Hiking Big Bend National Park by Laurence Parent,
Second Edition, 2005, A Falcon Guide. The book describes the South Rim Trail as "the
classic hike of Texas. Although the trip is fairly strenuous, almost any Texas hiker worth
his or her salt will someday try to hike to the South Rim. Few other hikes in Texas can
surpass the quality and sheer quantity of views along the trail. On clear days, the views
cover most of the Texas Big Bend country and far into Mexico."

Steven Schafersman
Last updated: 2007 September 11